Students at Salem4youth Ranch are typically enrolled in the residential program for 12-16 months. While enrolled, they live on campus in one of our residential cottages with the other students. The staff members that specialize in cottage life focus on building relationships with the students. These staff work on teaching basic responsibilities for personal care while helping the students deal with, and learn from, the various aspects of home life through this residential setting. It is during “cottage time” that the students do homework, do their laundry, play games, attend voluntary Bible studies, read, do chores, call home, and participate in sports and recreation.



Salem4youth Ranch has an on-campus, computer-based classroom. The students are required to attend school 5 days a week year round. When a student arrives, his most current transcripts are evaluated, and he is placed in the appropriate online classes. Salem is a home-school program where all credits earned are able to be transferred back to the student’s sending school. Students also have the ability to graduate from our on-campus high school. Their high school diploma, like any public or private school, allows them to continue their education in college. Most of our students arrive on our campus behind in their schooling and leave at or above grade level.



Salem’s vocational program is unique. With the trend today in education of cutting many of the vocational programs, each student here is required to participate in our vocational program. Currently our vocational classes include woodshop, welding, equine, photography, and practical electrical and building maintenance. Our vocational program is a daily part of each student’s school day while here. Each student’s day is divided between academic and vocational. Many of our students decide to pursue the trades based on their time here participating in our vocational program.