The Salem4youth therapeutic boarding school is, on average, a ten to fourteen month program for young men whose behaviors have escalated to the point that they should no longer remain in their homes due to the risk that they may pose to themselves and to others. The length of time that each boy stays at Salem is contingent on how he responds to the requirements of the program.



A Therapeutic Boarding School is a school that offers an educational program that is specifically structured to support the supervision and training of students that have special challenges. These challenges can include emotional and behavioral problems, learning difficulties, lack of motivation and other deficits that are the result of self-harming behaviors like drug and alcohol experimentation/addiction and other mental health problems. The fact that we are a Christian Boarding School means that our therapy is Biblically based.



Many of our young men are creative learners and more hands-on in their approach. Salem4youth is taking the lead in motivating our students with hands-on learning, as an extension to our regular education program. Our young men learn practical skills in our vocational program serve to better equip them for the workforce. Our "Made at Salem" program is also a way that our young men learn skills associated with making and marketing products that go toward the sustainability of our program.