We are a Christian Therapeutic Boarding School

A Therapeutic Boarding School is a school that offers an educational program that is specifically structured to support the supervision and training of students that have special challenges. These challenges can include emotional and behavioral problems, learning difficulties, lack of motivation and other deficits that are the result of self-harming behaviors like drug and alcohol experimentation/addiction and other mental health problems. The fact that we are a Christian Boarding School means that our therapy is Biblically based.

Salem4youth’s on-campus school, named Valor Junior/ Senior High School, uses a creative approach to education by providing a mix of instructional, relational and vocational training. It is clear that most of our students are very intelligent, but their ability to learn is often more creative and different than traditional forms of learning.

Because some of our students come to our program behind in school or are in different places academically, our school is designed to challenge each student to work at their own pace and at the appropriate grade level. Our qualified and experienced teachers work with each student at a computer work-station, using a Christian home school based curriculum.

Because of this individualized program and because our students go to school year-round, many of the students who have successfully completed the Salem4youth program leave Salem ahead in their studies. Currently, 95% of those young men who have graduated from the Salem4youth program have also graduated from high school.