Application Fee

If you think that Salem4youth is the right place for your son, the first step is to fill out the Salem Application for Admission.

At Salem, we understand the challenges that families face when it comes to sending a young man to a residential setting. For all families, the cost of the program becomes part of what determines which facility, if any, you may be sending your son to.

Salem4youth’s tuition is unique. Salem’s monthly tuition, including room and board, is generally less expensive than comparable residential programs. The reason for this is the fact that Salem has been blessed with the support of a number of generous donors who regularly assist us financially. Because we know that your family is already burdened with the difficulty of a challenging son, our goal is to make our fee structure as reasonable as possible.

We understand that this may still appear to be overwhelming to you. For complete information regarding our fees and services please contact us at 815.796.4561.