Work Teams/Volunteers


Over the years Salem has been blessed by work teams from around the country who come in for a day, a weekend or even a week to bless us with their time, talent and treasure.  These teams often work alongside our young men on the projects and encourage and challenge them to keep up the good work.  Our young men also really enjoy the fellowship with our work teams.  These teams are yet another opportunity for our guys to see “real” people who love and serve Christ.  If you or your church or organization would be interested in bringing a team to Salem to work please contact Jason Wells, our Facilities Director at or call 815.796.4561


Another way to come alongside of the work we are doing here at Salem4youth is to volunteer.  There are many very talented people who appreciate the work we are doing here with our young men.  We would welcome the opportunity to visit with you about the work we are doing here to see if there would be a spot for you to help out. Please do not be shy in contacting us. For more information please contact Jason Wells at 815.796.4561 or