We are a restorative phase program.

The goal of the Salem4youth Program is to challenge the improvement of behavior for each student and assist in the restoration of relationships with their family. We expect respect and we expect results.

The Salem4youth program is built on a two-tier system of rewards and consequences. The First Tier is our Phase System, which allows students to gradually improve their position over time, as their behavior improves. There are four phases that each student goes through in order to complete the Salem4youth program. These phases are called Learner, Achiever, Leader and Innovator.

The Second Tier of the program results in more immediate recognition of behavior and attitude. Each day, every student is graded on attitude, participation, and the completion of treatment goals. The higher the score for the day, the more privileges the student receives the next day. Attitude and participation are graded on an hourly basis, and treatment goals, which are assigned by our Treatment Team, are graded throughout the day. These grades are Gold (Above and Beyond), Silver (At Expectation), Bronze (Below Expectation) and Packet (Unacceptable).