Restorative Phase Program

The main purpose of the program is to teach students that God has a plan for their life and that we are all held responsible for our actions. Through a program of accountability, hard work, academics, athletics and counseling, each young man is shown that there is a better way than the path they are currently walking. This is accomplished through our Restorative Phase Program.

Each young man works through four-phases. These phases, called Learner, Achiever, Leader, and Innovator, lay the groundwork for the progress we hope that each student will gain from the phase. With each phase come more responsibility and more privileges.

Progress through each phase is determined by an objective set of criteria that we have established to ensure the best possibility of success.

Once the student has mastered the goals at their current phase, they move to the next phase, gaining more trust and contact with their family at each phase. This allows for an orderly and structured return to the student’s home in a way that is positive for both the student and his family.

Salem4youth staff and the family of the student work together through this process in a way that best benefits the each member of the family.

For more information regarding this program take a moment to download and review our Student Handbook.