For Salem

Daily we face multiple opportunities for prayer. We need prayer for our young men, prayer for our needs and for sustainability of the ministry. We need prayer for our staff. We would like to share our requests with you so that you may lift us up. We will post requests and also answers so that you too may be blessed by the Lord’s kind touch on the ministry. Here at Salem we have a “Praise Wall” where we use post-it notes to thank the Lord for His kindness. We trust that this PRAYER section of our site will also be an online “Praise Wall.”

Please pray for wisdom and strength for us as we work with our young men. We are truly engaged in a spiritual war on behalf of these young men. We win some battles and we lose some. We must not lose heart.

Please pray for the young men in our care and for their families as together we work toward familial reconciliation and restoration.

Please pray that the Lord will continue to provide the resources for the operation of The Ranch. We have seen Him work in some very amazing and encouraging ways!