We are a Therapeutic Residential Program

The Salem4youth is a residential therapeutic program. The program is, on average, a ten to fourteen month program for young men whose behaviors have escalated to the point that they should no longer remain in their homes due to the risk that they may pose to themselves and to others. Some of these behaviors may include:

  • Legal involvement above the level of misdemeanors
  • Moderate to acute drug use/abuse
  • More than one year behind in school
  • More than two school suspension of three days or more
  • More than one Axis I diagnosis according to DSM – IV
  • More extreme defiant behavior as characterized by a general refusal to cooperate with basic requirements of home/school/community.
  • Does not express a desire to be a part of or reunite with family
  • Long-term (> one year) pattern of negative behaviors
  • Has demonstrated self-harming behaviors

The length of time that each young man stays at Salem4youth is contingent on how he responds to the requirements of the program.