Post- H.S. Program

For students who have completed high school and the Salem4youth program, a young man can live up to 6 months after he has graduated from the program, with two exceptions:

  • If he is scheduled to go to college and it exceeds the 6-month window.
  • If he is scheduled to go into the military and it too exceeds the 6-month window.

Unlike those young men in the Phase 4 Extended Program, young men in the Post High School Program live in a less restricted environment and in a separate housing unit with a couple who oversees their progress.

A plan is developed to assist each young man with the next steps of his life. The areas of expectation are:

  1. Employment: Each student is required to work, whether it is at Salem or elsewhere.
  • If the student works at Salem, it is an internship and no pay is given to the student.
  • If the student works elsewhere, the student will be required to pay 30% of the total monthly fee.
  1. Budget: Salem staff will work with the student to develop a monthly budget. Budgetary considerations will include rent, food and other expenses.
  2. Future Goals: Each student will be required to work on goals for his future and will be responsible for working towards achieving these goals. Salem staff will work with each Independent Living resident to determine next steps. Consideration will be given to goals like college, military and other technical training. Each student will work on a budget and given assistance on how to best handle major expenditures like a car, loans for college, etc.

Our goal is to offer this option as a way to assist your son by providing a more transitional opportunity as they move into the next stage of their life.