The Salem Artisan Craftsmanship Division (SACD) is a class track that is specifically designed to help build confidence and develop skills in the area of carpentry, woodworking and welding.

Each class that is offered through the SACD focuses on the following:

1. Development of hand skills/tool operation skills

2. Development of confidence in one’s ability to complete a project accurately and in a timely manner

3. Development of teamwork/communications skills

4. Working safely

With the exception of a few, most of the students at Salem gains knowledge of woodworking and goes through at least the basic program.  Advanced classes are for those students who have an aptitude and interest in further development.


1.  Open to any student for personal after school projects

2.  Students may use scrap wood or have their parents provide materials

3.  “Open shop” provides a creative outlet for the students to make items for themselves or their loved ones