Equine Center – Salem Signature Series


Equine Center Mission Statement

The mission of the Salem Horsemanship Program is to Glorify God.

We do this by teaching stewardship of one of God’s finest creations – the Horse.

We also do this by Instructing, Equipping and Empowering our students with the

skills necessary to succeed with horses and in LIFE.”

As in all of our programs here on the Ranch, the focus of the Salem Signature Series Horse Program are the youth whom we serve. The basic intentions of our Salem Signature Series is that it be used therapeutically and vocationally.  Vocationally, the young men receive riding instructions weekly.  They are also given the responsibility to care for our horses.  This care includes the chores of feeding and watering twice to three times a daily.  Stalls are also picked on a daily basis.  As the young men’s horsemanship skills improve through working their Salem Signature Series training they are given increased responsibility in working with our horses.  Our students are also active in conditioning and preparing our horses for sale throughout the year.  The Salem Signature Series program helps our young men combine skill development and therapeutic values such as self-esteem, self-control, and responsibility.

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